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Dimplex IgniteXL® Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

IgniteXL® Electric Fireplace is unmatched in its lifelike appearance and breathtaking visuals, surpassing all other electric fireplaces. The patented flame technology captures the enchanting ambiance of a genuine fire. The edge-to-edge glass provides a seamless panoramic view of the mesmerizing flames from every vantage point. Measuring just 5.5 inches in depth and requiring no chimney or gas line, IgniteXL® is the perfect choice for homes or high-rise buildings.




  • Comfort$aver® Heating System - The patented Comfort$aver® ceramic heating system uses 11% less energy than the leading quartz infrared heater by automatically adjusting fan speed and heater wattage to safely and precisely match the requirements of the room.
  • Color Themes - Choose from a variety of brilliant color themes or cycle through a range of colors using the prism mode, freezing on the hue of your choice.
  • Multi-function remote - Control 100% of the fireplace features from the comfort of your chair.
  • Heat Boost - Quickly warms a room by delivering maximum heat output for a pre-determined amount of time. 
    • Enjoy the ambiance of the flame with or without the heater for year-round comfort and enjoyment.
    • Less Frame, More Flame: Clean-face design offers flawless panoramic views.
    • Backlit controls are hidden when not in use.
    • Low-profile design fully recesses in 2"x 6" wall construction and 2" x 4" with optional trim kit.
    • Hardwire using 120V or 240V for powerful heating.
    • Heats up to 500 sq.ft. on 120V and up to 1000 sq.ft on 240V.
    • Multi-Fire XD® Flame Effect A true alternative to gas, the patented Multi-Fire XD™ flame effect accurately reproduces a natural flame.
    • With no flame heat or emission and a glass front that remains cool to the touch; our fireplaces are the safe choice for your home.
    • Comes with diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed chunks that sparkle with the reflected light.
    • Includes an installed ¾ in. (2.0 cm) trim. Depending on the installation, this trim can be removed by removing the securing screws and the 4 trim pieces.
    • a minimum of 3.5 in. deep (refer to the manual for details)
    • 1500W /120V /12.5 Amps or 2500W /240V /10.4 Amps
    • A dedicated, properly fused 15 Amp circuit is required
    • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty


IgniteXL® 50" 60" 74" 100"
Specification Value Value Value Value
Product Finish Black Black Black Black
BTU 5118/8530 5118/8530 5118/8530 5118/8530
Voltage 120/240V 120/240V 120/240V 120/240V
AMPs 12.5/10.4 12.5/10.4 12.5/10.4 12.5/10.4
Wattage 1500/2500W 1500/2500W 1500/2500W 1500/2500W
Product Depth/Length (in) 5.88 5.88 5.88 5.88
Product Width (in) 50.25 60.25 74.25 100.63
Product Height (in) 15.63 15.63 15.63 15.63
Product Weight (lb) 73.96 86.79 104.74 137.59
Product Depth/Length (cm) 14.94 14.94 14.94 14.94
Product Width (cm) 127.64 153.04 188.6 255.6
Product Height (cm) 39.7 39.7 39.7 39.7
Product Weight (kg) 33.54 39.36 47.5 62.4
Carton 1 - Depth/Length (in) 12 12 12 12
Carton 1 - Width (in) 56.375 68.375 80.375 106.375
Carton 1 - Height (in) 21.25 24.25 21.25 21.25
Carton 1 - Weight (lb) 73.96 86.79 104.74 137.59
Carton 1 - Depth/Length (cm) 30.48 30.48 30.48 30.48
Carton 1 - Width (cm) 143.19 173.67 204.15 270.19
Carton 1 - Height (cm) 53.98 61.6 53.98 53.98
Carton 1 - Weight (kg) 33.54 39.36 47.5 62.4
Viewing Area Dimensions - Height (in) 12.13 12.13 12.13 12.13
Viewing Area Dimensions - Width (in) 48.74 59.75 72.75 98.75
Cut Out Wall Dimensions - Depth/Length (in) 6 6 6 6
Cut Out Wall Dimensions - Width (in) 50.63 60.63 74.63 100.63
Cut Out Wall Dimensions - Height (in) 16 16 16 16
Warranty 5 Yr Limited 5 Yr Limited 5 Yr Limited 5 Yr Limited


About Dimplex

Dimplex is a leading company in the electric heating solutions and fireplace industry. Since its establishment in 1973, Dimplex has been providing energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products to customers worldwide. Their products are designed to offer optimal comfort and convenience to customers, while reducing their energy consumption and costs.


One of Dimplex's main advantages is their commitment to innovation. They continuously invest in research and development to create new technologies and designs that improve the performance and energy efficiency of their products. As a result, Dimplex has received numerous awards and accolades for their innovative solutions.

 Another key advantage of Dimplex's products is their versatility. They offer a wide range of products suitable for various settings, including electric fireplaces, electric stoves, baseboard heaters, and wall-mounted heaters. Additionally, their products can be controlled with a mobile app, which allows customers to manage their heating preferences from anywhere at any time. This level of control and convenience has made Dimplex a popular choice for both residential and commercial customers.


In the event of a problem with a product, we advise customers to contact the manufacturer's technical support lines to identify the issue and obtain any necessary part numbers. Having part numbers and serial numbers on hand is crucial for a successful call and throughout the warranty process. While we encourage troubleshooting and information gathering to file a warranty claim, we do not recommend initiating a claim directly with the manufacturer. Instead, please use our web form to submit a warranty claim, and we'll take care of the rest.


Although all warranties are subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions, submitting a claim directly to them can hinder our warranty team's ability to assist you through the process. We strive to support you and your customers in the best possible way, and our experience allows us to ensure a quick and transparent warranty process. Trust us to submit any claims on your behalf, as we are committed to providing the most efficient and effective service.


To begin your warranty claim, simply fill out our warranty claim web form.  It is important to provide all the required information in the form, as these fields are mandatory and necessary for the manufacturer. After submitting the form, our customer service team will process it and forward it to the warranty department. If any further information is required, our team will contact you to request it.


Warranty Claim Process


1. Reach out to the manufacturer’s tech support to troubleshoot the issue and gather any applicable part numbers, case numbers, etc.


2. Complete and submit the warranty claim web form with all required information.


3. Our warranty team submits the claim to the manufacturer on your behalf and sends confirmation that it was sent.


4. We will provide any updates received from the manufacturer such as ETAs and tracking info.


What is the estimated time for receiving a replacement part?

Lead times can differ, particularly if items are out of stock. In such cases, the manufacturer may directly ship the product to the end customer. However, if drop-shipping is not an option, the item will be shipped to the dealer or distributor. If warranty items arrive at our warehouse, we will dispatch them as soon as possible.


Is it possible to receive a replacement log set if the received one has a broken log?

Typically, manufacturers provide individual log replacements, so there is no need to purchase a new log set entirely. If the product appears to be damaged upon delivery, it is advisable to refuse the shipment. This will change the nature of the problem from a warranty issue to a freight issue.


Is it recommended to have a licensed professional carry out the installation of my product?

Certainly, we strongly advise engaging a licensed professional to install and maintain your product. In some cases, manufacturers may not honor warranties or claims if the product was installed by an unlicensed individual.


Is it possible to file both a freight claim and a warranty claim for the same product?

No, it is not possible to file both a freight claim and a warranty claim for the same product. If there is visible or hidden damage to the product, it should always be reported as a freight claim within 48 hours of its arrival at your facility. If the problem is due to a defective part, then it will be considered a warranty issue. However, certain circumstances may warrant special exceptions, but it is unlikely that both a freight and warranty claim will be necessary simultaneously.



Return Policy

To initiate the return process, customers must file an RMA within 60 days of the purchase. The RMA form must be filled out in its entirety and accompanied by pictures of the item(s) being returned. After the RMA form is submitted, our customer service team will begin the return process.


Could you explain the process of obtaining an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?

Return authorizations must first be approved. Eligible items for return must be in their original packaging and in a new, re-sellable condition.


Is there a re-stocking fee?

Yes. If eligible for a return, a 20% re-stocking fee will apply.


What if an RMA is issued by the manufacturer for a warranty?

Some manufacturers will request that warranty claim items be returned directly to them. In this instance, we will coordinate with the manufacturer and we will provide both the RMA and the BOLs to you.


If I refused damage product, will I need an RMA?

No. If product is refused due to damage, the freight claim will be automatically initiated by the carrier and returned. Please alert our customer service team immediately so we can coordinate a replacement shipment or issue a credit.


Is an RMA the same as a credit?

No. An RMA is simply documenting and approving the return of merchandise. Upon approval, credits will be issued and are handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, RMAs received in unsellable condition are not eligible for credit. To avoid running into a situation like that, it is best to ship your return in a way that minimizes damage. If the product is eligible for credit, it will be applied to the original invoice.


Can I return obsolete or special-order items?

No. Special order items cannot be canceled or returned once they have been ordered from the manufacturer. Obsolete or discontinued product cannot be returned once purchased.


What happens if I get an approved RMA but I don’t ship back the product?

RMA’s are valid for 60 days. If the items are not returned in new, re-sellable condition by that time the RMA will expire and the product will not be eligible for a new RMA.


What happens if the product I am returning is damaged or unsellable upon receipt?

It is our customers’ responsibility to return the product in the same new/undamaged condition in which it was received. If a returned product is damaged, it will not be eligible for credit. We are not responsible for items received damaged.


Can I return a product that has been installed or burned?

No. If a customer has installed or burned a product, the RMA will be denied. This is a liability issue and we are not responsible for any items once they have been installed and/or burned. If an item is believed to be defective, we will be happy to assist you with the warranty process.